100 Reasons to Celebrate!

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Many of you may know, I began this blog to support and inspire people to travel far and wide across this beautiful world. I own a travel club, which focuses on a niche market traveling to the continent of Africa and the Middle East. Nonetheless, through my blog I aspire to share the exhilarating feeling of traveling to a distant land. A guest in a land foreign, where just like people in your native land, they too are navigating through life. A life that is steeped in tradition, responsibility, and a longing to live up to your purpose in this world.

One of my purposes in this world is to connect, educate, and share my experiences thr5ough writing. This blog has served as an outlet to share all the intriguing people I have encountered. My audience over the last 99 and now 100 posts have been able to have a front row seat to my travels and how traveling gives me a different perspective of life. The call of the path not yet taken has and continues to inspire me to that next destination. We all have but one life to live, so let us make it our best!

My daughter is doing just that by working remotely in Panama. There are many hotels around the world currently catering to people who are working remotely and would like to experience the country during the pandemic. Today, the high was 89 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This beats our local temperature of a high of 49 degrees Fahrenheit a low of 36 degrees Fahrenheit and gray cloudy skies. The hotel has tons of amenities including free internet and co-working areas. In addition, like other hotels the staff will help you to schedule a Covid-19 test before you depart following the new CDC guideline. For additional information on the new CDC guideline refer to my blog entitled, “ Travel Updates During the Pandemic.” She is truly enjoying her time in Central America.

I know for millions of people out there it is hard to live your best life during a pandemic that has claimed so many lives and continues to cripple many countries. Although, there seems to be so much negativity in the world there are still things to be thankful for. I am thankful for continuing to write this blog and I hope it will inspire others to travel and form their own perspective about people from other cultures. What most of us find out is we are all more alike than different.

To celebrate my 100th blog post I am giving one lucky person a $100 Delta Airlines gift card. Click on the link to find out how you can enter the contest Ketour Travel $100 Delta Airlines Giveaway (gleam.io). You have several options to enter the contest in hopes of winning the Delta Airlines gift card. The contest runs from February 8th – March 8th with the winner being announced in the blog post on March 8th. Get out there for your chance to win.

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Roseland Hupp

Roseland Hupp

I am Roseland, and I travel, write, and take plenty of photos of different cities and countries I have travelled to around the world. My blog is for everyone who yearns to travel and learn about the diverse countries of the world. Subscribers to this blog will gain unique insight to travel through hands-on interactions rather than a hands-off perspective of a being a foreigner in a new land. Each post will reflect the truth of the locale it represents without any sugar coating added. You can learn more about me here.

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  1. My favorite tourist destination is Timor-Leste. They have some of the best SCUBA diving in the world. The people are so friendly and rich in culture. The island isn’t overrun by tourist and many of the people have preserved their culture. It’s absolutely beautiful there.

    1. It is wonderful you were able to interact with the local people and appreciate their culture. I would love to hear more about your adventures in Timor-Leste. For example, what led you to this destination and did you scuba dive and if so where else have you dived.

  2. I absolutely loved visiting Sarasota a couple of winters ago. The husband and I did so many fun activities. We went go karting, went on an outdoor climbing adventure in the woods, and saw a whole bunch of manatees! I would love to go back this year, maybe in the summer this time! The beaches looked heavenly if it had been warmer. #KetourTravel #100BlogPost

    1. I like that on your trip you had an experience with a Manatee. It seems like every trip I take I end up having an interaction with an animal. I hope you will be able to get back to Sarasota soon.

  3. I love to travel and have been on a 3 month, cross-country road trip in the U.S. and I really want to do another trip like that.

    1. I would love to know more about your cross-country trip such as what cities did you visit, what were some of the foods you experienced, and what was it like to be gone for 3 months.

  4. I would love to travel out of the country one day. One of my favorite trips I ever took was to Vail, CO. My boyfriend and I stayed at a wonderful chalet for a few days. Breakfast was included and we ate a nice Italian restaurant for dinner two of the nights we were there. I believe it was called Pazzo’s or something like that. #KetourTravel #100BlogPost

    1. The trip to Vail with your significant other sounds fabulous. I hope one day the two of you will travel outside the country together.

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