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More than 26 million people have taken an at-home ancestry DNA test. Companies like African Ancestry, Ancestry, 23 and Me, My Heritage DNA, and Family Tree DNA each require a sample of your DNA to assess and decode your genealogy pool.  Most people who perform these tests do so in order to learn more about their family history and in some cases their health. Over the years many families have been reunited, learned about genetic predisposition(s), and found out about their maternal & paternal lineage.

To begin your DNA journey, do the following:

  • Order your DNA kit online
  • Create an account to receive your DNA results
  • Depending upon the company either swab the inside of cheeks or fill the provided tube with saliva
  • Mail the kit back in the prepaid package
  • Receive an email of your results online within 4 – 6 weeks

Here’s How It Works:

Each of us carry in our DNA a series of indicators that provide information about our ancestry. This information is passed from generation to generation and can tell a profound story about where we come from and highlight our connections to the modern-day world.

The test will analyze the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) inherited from our mother, the Y chromosome men inherit from their fathers or autosomal DNA we inherit from both parents. The information within the genes extracted is unchanged through every branch of your family tree. The test will identify the unique fingerprint that we share with our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on along a single lineage.

How Do They Do It:

Utilizing pioneering genetic scientific methods, the lab will look closely for markers or mutations that indicate where in the world your ancestry is found. If your genes indicate Africa, they compare them to the database of African lineages to determine the present-day African country and ethnic group with which you share maternal or paternal ancestry.

Discovering your roots is an important and truly emotional experience. Once your ancestry has been determined, information about your country of origin to begin to re-connect with your roots. Online you may have access to an exclusive online community of others who have also started the journey to find their true identity. The results of the DNA test can be life changing and provide the needed clarity you are desiring to achieve.

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Roseland Hupp

Roseland Hupp

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