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Every year millions of people flock to countries like France, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, or the UK, nevertheless, there are approximately 192 countries in the world to explore. Popular travel destinations typically are more congested, have less availability (housing, activities, food establishments, etc.) and may have higher prices due to demand.  A great option when you want to get away is to visit a country a little bit less travelled, yet, has beautiful sights and sounds, available housing, and welcoming people. Many destinations around the world are often passed by due to limited knowledge about the locales. I am going to share with you several locations you will find intriguing and you just may want to book your next vacation there.

Sao Tome & Principe is the second smallest country on the continent of Africa about more than five times the size of Washington, DC with a population estimated at 201,800 people.  Sao Tome & Principe is located in the Gulf of Guinea on the western coast of Africa. As a US citizen you can enter the country on a 15-day visa on arrival. The island nation has crystal clear water and the roads are very clean with no sign of garbage.

Comoros is an archipelago located in the India ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar. This East African island nation is slightly twelve times the size of Washington, DC with a population estimated to be 821,164 people. The island nation boasts beautiful clear blue water beaches ringed by old lava from active volcano Mt Karthala. As a US citizen you do not need a visa for the purpose or tourism or business, however, the Comoroan government requires your passport to be valid at least 6 months and have one blank page for entry and exist stamps.

Tonga is a Polynesian Kingdom located in the South Pacific between the islands of Fiji and Niue. The island nation beaches are protected by lagoons and limestone cliffs. Tonga is a sovereign state and archipelago made up of 176 islands smaller than the state of Rhode Island with an estimated population of 104,494 people.  As a US citizen a visa is not required for those travelling as a tourist for 30 days or less, however, the Tongan government requires your passport to be valid at least 6 months and a return ticket or booked travel to your next destination.

Liechtenstein is a small country surrounded by Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It is known for its medieval castles, alpine landscape, and the six smallest country in the world. Liechtenstein has an estimated population of 38,547 people who predominantly speak German. As a US citizen a visa is not required for those travelling as a tourist for up to 90 days, however, the Liechtenstein government requires your passport to be valid at least 6 months.

Timor-Leste is a Southeast Asian country occupying half the island of Timor. The island nation is northwest of Australia with Singapore to the west, New Guinea to the east and Malaysia to the north.  Slightly larger than the state of Connecticut the estimated population is 1,321,929 people.  As a US citizen you need a passport valid for six months beyond the date of arrival in Timor-Leste. US travelers arriving by air may obtain a 30-day tourist visa-on-arrival for a fee of 30 USD. If entering Timor-Leste by land, you will need to apply in advance for a Visa Application Authorization.

Moldova is an eastern European country, which was a part of the former Soviet republic. Moldova is located in the Balkan region northeast of Romania and east of the Ukraine. Slightly larger than the state of Maryland, Moldova has an estimated population of 3,437,720 people. As a US citizen a visa is not required for those travelling as a tourist for up to 90 days, however, after 90 days the Moldovan government requires a residence permit.

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian ocean off the eastern coast of Africa north of the Comoros, Madagascar, and Mauritius.  The island nation is home to numerous beautiful beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves, and an array of rare animals. The Seychelles are two and a half times the size of Washington DC, with an estimated population of 94, 633 people. The Seychelles are how to some of the most beautiful animals on the planet such as Aldabra, the Aldabra Tortoise, Dugong. Game Fish, Birds, and other wildlife. As a US citizen a visa is not required, however, proof of onward or return transportation, confirmed accommodations, and proof of sufficient funds are needed for issuance of a visitor’s permit for a stay of up to 30 days.

As you can there are many beautiful destinations around the world, many of them not frequented as much as other destinations.  These little known or less travelled destinations can be the getaway your soul, your body, and your mind are desiring. Read more about lesser known destinations in blogs to come. If you have visited any of these destinations, please share your photos and experiences.

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Roseland Hupp

Roseland Hupp

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