Exercise during Vacation

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Many of us have a regular workout routine(s) and like to stay consistent even while on vacation. I typically go kickboxing five days per week and enjoy the high impact workout for my mind, body, and soul. Kickboxing is good cardiovascular exercise that improves your strength, increases balance and agility, builds muscle and strengthens your heart and lungs. Kickboxing class includes a 15-minute warmup, (six) three-minute rounds of punches and kicks, a partner round, and final stretch. Most likely while on vacation I won’t have the opportunity to kickbox, however, there are other ways to get a great workout.

Many establishments providing accommodations have an onsite gym. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has two fitness centers, outdoor tennis courts, and personal trainers available on the property. The Boulevard fitness center is open 24/7 and requires a hotel key for entrance. It has personal lockers, Technogym equipment, 7 treadmills, 5 elliptical machines, upright and recumbent fitness bikes, resistance strength equipment, and free-weight area. The Chelsea fitness center has 12 treadmills, 6 elliptical machines, 2 Technogym Vario machines, upright and recumbent bikes, movement studio, resistance strength equipment and free-weight area, tennis courts, and a kinesis wall. The Cosmopolitan offers a group boot camp with high intensity training involving boxing, plyometrics, strength training, and core stability exercises.  The Cosmopolitan offers multiple disciplines of yoga and personal training to help you achieve your workout goals.

When your hotel does not offer a gym, check out the local city you are in by taking a walk or run. Many hotels have stairs and is a great way to get a great workout. Swimming in a pool is a great way to tone, strengthen, and condition your muscles with little to no pressure or impact. Swimming is a great form of exercise for any age, it provides benefit to even patients with painful joints due to arthritis or other conditions.

Get some form of exercise into your plans, it will help you when you return to your normal routine.

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Roseland Hupp

Roseland Hupp

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    1. I would start out with something you enjoy doing and not exert yourself if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

      You just need to start someone, maybe walking, swimming, or yoga. You will begin to see the difference quickly.

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