Ketour Travel Club Ready for 2019: Part 1

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2019 is just around the corner and Ketour Travel is gearing up for its first two trips of the year! To join Ketour Travel Club and be a part of all the activities visit  and purchase a membership by paying the membership in full or the monthly payment plan. Once you sign up, you are eligible to sign up and join the trip(s) to Ghana and Dubai.

You have plenty of time to secure your vacation time and prepare to travel to two fabulous countries. The first trip to Ghana will be 10 days/9 nights of sheer history, culture, nature and atonement. The tour will begin with the arrival of the travel club members into Accra, Ghana on July 29th with a welcome drink and orientation, followed later that evening by a selection of Ghanaian cuisine served with continental flavor, while listening to soothing music from the live band.

On the second day the travel club will drive through the historic Denkyira Kingdom to Kakum National Park home to over 40 large mammals, 400 bird species, many species of butterflies, flora and fauna. There will be an opportunity to walk through one of West Africa’s surviving tropical rain forests and to experience the most popular attraction the canopy walkway.

The third and fourth day will be two days of memorializing 400 years since the first enslaved Africans reached Virginia as reported by John Rolfe in August 1619. The first visit will be to Elmina Castle, where you will be able to explore the grounds, rooms, and witness a candle being pushed out to sea in remembrance of those who died in the Middle Passage. The day will also include visiting the colorful Asafo houses used as a place for warriors to prepare before going to war. Later that night, you have the opportunity to participate in the Reverential Night with a ceremony and re-enactment of the slave passage through the “Door of No Return,” followed by a midnight declaration of Emancipation Day. The fourth day the travel club will drive through the former slave route to Assin Manso. This point marks the final transit spot for enslaved Africans before being shipped to the new world. You will have the opportunity to visit the salve dungeons and the final resting place of two ancestors from the USA and Jamaica whose remains were returned and re-interred in Ghana. The Emancipation celebration will be opened with a Grand Durbar of Traditional Chiefs and people from the central region adorned in Kente and gold jewelry. Join in the festivities and dance to the beat of the Fontomfrom drums.

The fifth day will be a Kumasi city tour where you will visit Manhyia Palace Museum to learn firsthand about the legacies of the Ashanti Kingdom. The tour will end at the National Cultural Center which features the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum and various studios of brass makers, potters, and batik makers. Day six the travel club will drive to Tamale and spend the rest of the day at leisure. Day seven the travel club will drive to Salaga and meet with a traditional leader and tour the site where the slave trade started in the former Gold Coast. In Salaga, you will meet families whose ancestors were slave raiders, slave chains and slave shackles are still kept in some of the family homes. The atonement will be sealed by villagers washing the feet of participants as an act of humility and plea for forgiveness. The tour will continue to the market site where the slaves were sold known as Salaga Slave Market. Amidst traditional drumming and dancing by the villagers, participate in a naming ceremony where you will be given a traditional African name.

Day eight will include a stop at the former slave markets of Kintampo and Assin Bono. Notice the change in climate as the travel club stops to experience the cool, invigorating atmosphere created by nature and savor the breathtaking view of the cascading waterfall. Day nine the travel club will visit the W.E.B Dubois Center for Pan African Culture where Dubois spent two years working on a Pan-African encyclopedia under the invitation of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana’s first President). You will be treated to a guided tour of Dr. Dubois research library and stops at Independence/Black Star Square and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park.

Day 10 will end your marvelous time in Ghana, after breakfast you will check out and return to your homes. This tour will leave your soul full of hope and prosperity for the future and a new understanding of Ghanaian history.

Visit Ketour Travel’s website ( for all the necessary information to prepare for the trip to Ghana. Next time, you will learn about the trip to Dubai and the magic and wonder of the City of Gold. Do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter, follow the Ketour YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Roseland Hupp

Roseland Hupp

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  1. Wow I would love e that it be so exciting I don’t think I could sleep. In anticipation of the next day.

    1. I am glad the itinerary is appealing to you. Tell your friends and loved ones the amazing trip and time this is going to be.

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