Vacation is essential to your overall health and well-being

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When was the last time you went on vacation?

If it has been over a year, you need some time much needed time away from your job. According to US employers, 52% of employees have unused vacation days at the end of the year, which equates to $66.4 billion in lost benefits every year. You are essentially, giving much needed paid time back to your employer. Americans are among those who take the least amount of vacation every year.

Taking time-off from your job will help your overall health and well-being. For instance, have you ever taken a vacation and came back relaxed and refreshed or even needing a vacation from your vacation? I remember coming back from a cruise where we visited Grand Cayman and Jamaica and feeling as though I could still hear Bob Marley singing, “Every Little Thing is Gonna be Alright.” Before long, the euphoric feeling started to fade, and I was back to the day to day humdrum of my job.

On vacation I tend to feel less tense, eat less, and I am happier. Getting away from all the stress of working on multiple demanding projects with tight deadlines is a godsend. While on vacation, treat yourself to a few personal indulges, such as:  spa services, local delicacies, meditation, shopping, etc.

While vacationing, my husband and I tend to spark up conversations with people and get invited to meals with local people. Those are the little things we cherish when people go out of their way to make us feel welcome.

I challenge everyone to take the time off now while you are young and agile. Do not wait until retirement! Many people do not make it to retirement or may not be in the best physical condition to explore and enjoy what the world has to offer. Take the time off now and enjoy yourself with your spouse, family, friends, or travel club.

The stories you have from your travels are priceless and make for interesting conversation with others. One of my favorite stories to tell is when I was in Shanghai, China out on the Bund. The Bund is a waterfront area that runs along the Huangpu river with beautiful buildings that stretch along the waterfront promenade of various architecture including gothic, baroque, and neoclassical styles.

One day I was out enjoying the bund and taking selfies (just like many other people), marveling at the buildings, the amount of people on the Bund, and how smoggy it was that day. My time was interrupted by an older couple (who really didn’t speak English and I really don’t speak Mandarin) who I believed wanted me to take a picture of them. I soon learned the man wanted me to take a picture with his wife. I was a little taken back, concerned about where the picture may end up, but ended up taking a picture with his wife anyway.

After that experience, it dawned on me there were not a lot of people in China that look like me. When I told other local people about the request they were confused but confirmed what I initially concluded. I often laugh with people and tell them, how I have a picture out there somewhere with a woman I don’t know.

These are some of the little things that make vacations fun and memorable, those interactions you have with people. Take the opportunity and use your vacation time to recharge yourself. Why not, you’ve earned it?  Ketour Travel has two opportunities for you in 2019 to enjoy Ghana in July and Dubai in October (details coming soon).  Ketour Travel invites you to join the travel club by visiting not forget to subscribe to my newsletter, follow the Ketour YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Roseland Hupp

Roseland Hupp

I am Roseland, and I travel, write, and take plenty of photos of different cities and countries I have travelled to around the world. My blog is for everyone who yearns to travel and learn about the diverse countries of the world. Subscribers to this blog will gain unique insight to travel through hands-on interactions rather than a hands-off perspective of a being a foreigner in a new land. Each post will reflect the truth of the locale it represents without any sugar coating added. You can learn more about me here.

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8 Responses

  1. Did you take that pic too? “Travel is good for the soul”! Haha I enjoy reading your blogs. It’s funny, I already know most of the stories !! Haha

  2. I am glad you enjoy the blogs, continue to read my blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have plenty of stories to tell and plenty of content to discuss.

  3. I feel the same way when I go on vacation it’s life starts all over again when I get back. It’s like my vacation gave me a new prospective on life. And gave me a break from my humdrum life and gave me new energy to continue in my old life.

    1. Sounds like you need a vacation, like many others, we tend to work hard either inside or outside of the home and forget to take of ourselves. I hope sometime in the near future you are able to relax and recharge yourself.

  4. Thanks for helping me understand the benefits of using one’s vacation time. What you said about how taking time off can help my overall health and well-being really struck me. I realized that I have been just working nonstop and not taking advantage of my vacation time. I should probably take this chance to ask my boss for leave, rent somewhere near the waterfront to enjoy the view.

    1. You’re welcome, I hope more people take heed to this message and take time off of work. We all need to disconnect from the stress of it all.

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