Bucket List or New Year’s Resolution: Why we need to deviate from these traditions?

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Bucket Lists are a little disturbing as people are working towards checking off different goals prior to reaching an expiration date most often we are not privy to. New Year’s Resolutions are made when a person decides to change an undesired trait or behavior to achieve a personal goal or otherwise improve their life. The odds of a person fulfilling their New Year’s resolution is slim as 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. This leads me to the question: Why don’t we just align to our personal purpose and live an exciting and fulfilling life?

Ketour Travel is here to help you fulfill your personal purpose through travel. The interactions we have with people affect the way we feel about life. Interactions with those unfamiliar to us, gives a sense of being a part of a larger community. Being a part of a larger community, the interactions, and the feeling of belonging increases our happiness. Through fulfilling your purpose, there is no guide as to how our lives intersect based upon what country we come from or our socioeconomic status.

Everyone one has a purpose; yet, some of us learn what their purpose in life is earlier than others. Many times, without a clear understanding of our purpose, we may become unmotivated and depressed. Those of us who work towards a higher purpose tend to have a healthier outlook on life and are more resilient to stress. I ask you the following:  How important is your overall happiness and well-being?

What in your current lifestyle is prohibiting you from living your best life? Once you understand this, why do you continue engaging in behavior that is not healthy for your life? These are some of the questions you need to answer honestly and understand before you are ready to make a change. Earlier, I indicated we need to deviate from these traditions, this means we need to understand the reason for the change for it to become permanent.

Through Ketour’s blog and travel club you will understand the importance of travel and the positive impact to your life. Being a part of the travel club will provide different opportunities for travel and provide support to you in your travel journey. As a travel club member, you will be a part of a community that focuses on obtaining a holistic view of different countries, cultures, people, and lifestyles.

Being a part of Ketour Travel Club will also help you to build needed skills within a team environment. Creating a vision for your change in behavior will require you to determine the values that are central to you. Indulging in international cross-cultural experiences can help define your vision. By interacting and communicating with Ketour Travel through the blog and social media outlets, allows you to work through any concerns and anxieties you may have. This in turn may lead to a larger conversation with others who may have similar feelings and obstacles.

Now you can begin to put together a plan for change and continually work to check for those barriers. Removing these obstacles can empower you to execute your vision and the change moving forward. Look for short-wins that are achievable and can further motivate you. Reward yourself when you achieve your targets, but don’t declare victory to early as real change is a long-term achievement. Once you reach a target evaluate what went right and what needs improvement and keep building on that momentum. Continue to make changes and you will soon see the effects in every aspect of your life.

Ketour Travel invites you to personally book your own travel around the world on the travel portal (coming soon) and join the travel club by visiting https://ketourtravel.com/join-ketour-travel-club/Do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter, follow the Ketour YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.



Roseland Hupp

Roseland Hupp

I am Roseland, and I travel, write, and take plenty of photos of different cities and countries I have travelled to around the world. My blog is for everyone who yearns to travel and learn about the diverse countries of the world. Subscribers to this blog will gain unique insight to travel through hands-on interactions rather than a hands-off perspective of a being a foreigner in a new land. Each post will reflect the truth of the locale it represents without any sugar coating added. You can learn more about me here.

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