Warrior King

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Did you know that Ghana means “Warrior King” in the Soninke language?

Ghana is bordered by Cote D’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, and Togo to the east. Ghana’s coast lies along the Gulf of Guinea, which is part of the eastern Atlantic Ocean.  Due to Ghana’s proximity to the equator and low elevation, the climate is typically tropical with year-round temperatures between 77 degrees to 100 degrees fahrenheit and humidity averaging 85%.

Ghana is known for its diverse wildlife, picturesque beaches, rainforest, and its many historical landmarks.

Ghana has many languages and dialects, the most commonly spoken native language is Akan, however, the official language is English. The capital city of Ghana is Accra and the entire country of Ghana has an estimated population of 29.46 million people, which is a million more than the population of the entire state of Texas. The entire country of Ghana is one-third the size of the entire state of Texas.

Ghana possesses a rich native traditional cuisine. While in Ghana you must try Fufu, Kenkey, Groundnut soup, Palm nut soup, Jollof rice, Waakye, Banku & Tilapia, Red-red, Tuo Zaafi, Kelewele, Omo Tuo, and Boiled yam with palaver sauce to name a few. You will enjoy Ghanaian food as it tends to be very flavorful and will excite your taste buds.

Ghanaians are very warm and friendly people with a rich culture. I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friendly with several Ghanaians. One specific person is a woman by the name of Gifty, who I met while in Mauritius. We hit it off on the first day, we went shopping, ate, and enjoyed the country of Mauritius while in-town for a conference.

Ghana is known for their dancing and music, pottery and wood carving, gold and silver work, and textiles. Americans are most familiar with Ghana’s kente cloth, which is native to the Akan ethnic group of South Ghana. Kente comes from the word kenten and means basket in the Akan dialect Asante. Kente cloth is a richly colored, handwoven (Akans refer to kente as nwentoma) cloth originally associated with Ashanti royalty. In the movie Black Panther, there is a point where King T’Chala is seen wearing kente.

When traveling in Ghana some of the best souvenirs to bring back home are bags made from trash bags called trashybags, Adinkra cloth, Fugu shirt, Akan brass items, African black soap, Asanka bowls, Kente, and Bolgatanga baskets to name a few.

Again, Ghana is a country on the African continent you must see! Filled with beautiful people, rich history, beautiful beaches, tropical rainforest, wonderful food to excite your taste buds, great artisans, music and dancing, and many festivals throughout the year. You will feel right at home as many Americans have made Ghana their home.

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Roseland Hupp

Roseland Hupp

I am Roseland, and I travel, write, and take plenty of photos of different cities and countries I have travelled to around the world. My blog is for everyone who yearns to travel and learn about the diverse countries of the world. Subscribers to this blog will gain unique insight to travel through hands-on interactions rather than a hands-off perspective of a being a foreigner in a new land. Each post will reflect the truth of the locale it represents without any sugar coating added. You can learn more about me here.

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  1. Roz,that was a wonderful description of Ghana would surely like to travel there with you,keep up the beautiful blogs.

  2. Traveling to Ghana in July will be wonderful. You will geographically be the closest you can get to the center of the world. The meridian passes through Ghana and it is just a little above the equator.

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