How many of us struggle with packing for a trip?

When I began travelling thirty years ago, I was the sort of traveler who had a carry-on and a large checked bag. In my carry-on I would typically hold full size products, which are now a part of the 311 rule. If anyone is unaware of this rule it pertains to things such as toothpaste, […]

What you should know before you travel to Ghana

This is the trip of a lifetime, as some of you may know this is coined the “Year of the Return,” where the descendants of the enslaved African Diaspora are returning to Ghana to commemorate those ancestors who were on the first slave ship that arrived 400 years ago to Jamestown, Virginia from West Africa. […]

Packing Tips & Tricks

Preparing yourself for a trip can be time consuming and overwhelming, however, it is necessary when travelling to have all the essentials you need while away. Typically, when preparing for a trip, the first thing I will do is review my agenda for the entire duration of the trip. This will tell me two things, […]