How to Become a Digital Nomad: RV Edition Guest Blog by Lance Cody-Valdez

Making a living while traveling to beautiful destinations in your own Recreational Vehicle (RV) may sound like a dream. Being able to open up your laptop while in a mountain meadow or on a white sand beach invokes feelings of freedom and independence, reducing stress and promoting health and longevity. This dream life is more […]

Sports: How Far Will They Take You?

All over the world, each country has a favorite competitive activity that requires skill by an individual or team for entertainment. In the United States (US), “America’s Game” is called football, but not the version many other countries define is futbol. According to a Gallop Poll baseball was the most popular sport in the US […]

Is there such a thing of having your cake and eating it too?

Most people think of a white-collar worker as being a person who performs managerial, administrative, or some type of professional position at a desk or in an office. As a result, the position is typically perceived as being performed in a brick-and-mortar building. Thirty years ago, working in a brick-and-mortar building was the norm, as […]

What Zone Are You In?

How many people know the phrase, “It’s five o’clock somewhere?” This phrase was often used to provide someone with justification to partake in an alcoholic beverage prior to 5pm, however, now days people tend to have a glass of wine or a beer during lunch. The quote also leads people to believe that where ever […]

Eating for the Soul

When it comes to eating while abroad, eat as many native dishes as possible. Dining at the local neighborhood restaurant is a good way to get to know people over stimulating conversation and a good meal.  We have met many people while eating out and have been given numerous tips on local events, activities, and […]