Countries with Favorable Foreign Exchange (FX) Rates Compared to the US Dollar

The US dollar (USD) is the ninth strongest currency in the world, behind the Kuwaiti Dinar, Bahraini Dinar, Oman Rial, Jordan Dinar, British Pound Sterling, Cayman Islands Dollar, Euro, and Swiss Franc. Even though the US dollar is ninth in the world, the US dollar is one of the most powerful currencies as it is […]

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Formally known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Jordan borders Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and Israel. Jordan is three-quarters the size of Pennsylvania, slightly smaller than the state of Indiana.  Most of citizens of Jordan are located in the west and northwest around the capital city of Amman (population approximately 4 million inhabitants) with a […]

Little Known Destinations

Every year millions of people flock to countries like France, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, or the UK, nevertheless, there are approximately 192 countries in the world to explore. Popular travel destinations typically are more congested, have less availability (housing, activities, food establishments, etc.) and may have higher prices due to demand.  A great option when […]

Protect Yourself

Summer is the time of year people typically go on vacation, relax, and enjoy the warmth of the sun. It is also the time people get the most sunburns due to sun rays. There is a misnomer sunrays are only harmful when its sunny and warm, however, sunburn can occur when it’s cold and cloudy […]

Las Vegas the Adult Playground

Las Vegas has several nicknames: “Sin City,” “Entertainment Capital of the World,” “City of Lights,” and “Glitter Gulch” just to name a few. Most people do not realize Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was the driving force behind the development of Las Vegas. Bugsy was a key financier of some of the original casinos, such as The […]

Waterfalls: Natural Phenomenas

Around the world there are countless beautiful waterfalls and they often attract visitors from all over the world. With over 30 million visitors each year, Niagara is considered the most visited waterfall in the world and straddles between Canada and the United States.  Made up of three waterfalls (Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil […]

Africa: Red, Green, & Gold

There are approximately 204 countries on 7 continents throughout the world. The continent of Asia is the most populated continent with 60% of earth’s total inhabitants. Africa is the hottest continent, so it is no wonder it is home to three deserts with the Sahara occupying 25% of the total area of Africa.  North America […]

Exercise during Vacation

Many of us have a regular workout routine(s) and like to stay consistent even while on vacation. I typically go kickboxing five days per week and enjoy the high impact workout for my mind, body, and soul. Kickboxing is good cardiovascular exercise that improves your strength, increases balance and agility, builds muscle and strengthens your […]

Two of the Best Places to Travel in 2019

Two of the best places to travel in 2019 are Botswana and Kenya. Both locations boast beautiful landscape and the Big 5. Botswana is a land-locked country in the southern part of the African continent border by Zambia and Angola to the north, Zimbabwe to the east, Namibia to the west, and South Africa to […]

Natural or Just Disaster

Around the world there were approximately 394 natural disasters that occurred in 2018. An event is categorized as a natural disaster if it kills 10 or more people or leaves at least 100 people injured, homeless, displaced or evacuated else if a country declares it a natural disaster or if requires the country to make […]