The Beauty of Being Prepared to Travel

Millions of people around the world have either reduced their amount of travel or have stopped all together.  Covid-19 has paralyzed the movement of people around the world. Traveling during this period is a personal preference and your decision should be based upon how comfortable you feel, the safety measures put into place, and your […]

Travel Made Easy

Travelling has changed drastically over the last fifty years with some passengers feeling as though the process is more expensive and cumbersome than ever. There are many contributing factors supporting these changes ranging from security enhancements within the airport to paying a la carte for bags, wifi, food, etc. Like any business, airlines want to […]

What are your Travel Goals for 2019?

2018 has been a great year for many of us, 2019 will be an even better year. Have you determined what your 2019 travel goals are? If you have, please share your travel goals. If you have not decided on your travel goals for 2019, you may find a goal(s) from list below: Obtaining a […]

Proper Prior Preparation Prevents a Poor Experience

Traveling domestically and internationally requires a significant amount of coordination and planning. When planning an international trip there are often prerequisite(s) before entering the country.  Many Americans get frustrated before planning a trip, due to the complexity associated with obtaining passports, visas, and the inability to communicate in the native language. It is estimated roughly […]