Are Airline Amenities Gone Forever?

Everyday millions of people travel to destinations all over the world. Prior to stepping foot on the plane, many prepare for their journey by packing their bag(s), securing transport to the airport, and ensuring they have all the required documents for passage onto the plane and in some cases into the country of destination. In […]

What you should know before you travel to Ghana

This is the trip of a lifetime, as some of you may know this is coined the “Year of the Return,” where the descendants of the enslaved African Diaspora are returning to Ghana to commemorate those ancestors who were on the first slave ship that arrived 400 years ago to Jamestown, Virginia from West Africa. […]

Soul Food

Soul Food is a term coined by the African American community to describe congregating with your family over a meal and reminiscing about the old days. In all the various African countries, eating time is family time, so it’s not a surprise Africa has a major food scene. There are several cities in Africa known […]

Eating for the Soul

When it comes to eating while abroad, eat as many native dishes as possible. Dining at the local neighborhood restaurant is a good way to get to know people over stimulating conversation and a good meal.  We have met many people while eating out and have been given numerous tips on local events, activities, and […]