Travelling Abroad is feasible on a Shoe String Budget

Most of us are on a budget while travelling domestically or internationally. This is especially true for students and young adults who are just starting out in life yet want to explore the world. For those of you who are on limited budget, use your resources to find out about different discounts and benefits available […]

Sometimes the Road is Best Traveled Alone

In 2018 an estimated 2.3 billion people traveled the world for business and leisure. A portion of those 2.3 billion travelers are solo leisure travelers. Solo travel has increased exponentially for the following reasons: Desire to see more of the world and don’t want to wait for others Travel on own terms Sense of being […]

What to do when you have a long layover?

How many of us have experienced a long layover for a flight? Layovers can be as short at 30 minutes or 19 hours or more. Depending upon your budget, you may experience a layover at sometime in your travels. People sometimes seek layovers, however, those who do not can often have a positive experience.  Many […]

Proper Prior Preparation Prevents a Poor Experience

Traveling domestically and internationally requires a significant amount of coordination and planning. When planning an international trip there are often prerequisite(s) before entering the country.  Many Americans get frustrated before planning a trip, due to the complexity associated with obtaining passports, visas, and the inability to communicate in the native language. It is estimated roughly […]