Traveltude: Do you suffer from truculent behavior when you are unable to travel?

Over the last 10 months, the airline industry has been on a horrific roller coaster ride due the pandemic. Thousands of flights have been cancelled, refunded, and postponed while most nations around the globe have attempting to combat Covid-19. Airlines have been in crisis mode causing reductions in staff and record financial losses because of […]

Travel Updates During the Pandemic

Costa Rican airport

Much of the world has been impacted by the pandemic in some form. The travel industry has been heavily impacted by people unable or fearful to utilize forms of mass transportation, such as a train, plane, or cruise ship. Airlines are trying to make travel as safe as possible, such as Delta requiring face masks […]

What is the purpose of the Mosquito?

One of the most detested insects on the planet is the mosquito. There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes who transmit more diseases than any other creature. Mosquitoes are vectors of some of humanity’s deadliest illnesses and cause millions of deaths worldwide every year. Three species of mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of disease […]

Be Respectful of People on the Airplane

Preparing for a trip can be an arduous process, however, once you step foot into the airport you now must be conscious and respectful of other passengers. Most people try to respect others personal space, however, there is always that one person who feels they are “special” and should receive preferential treatment. Whether you are […]

Stay Healthy, Happy, and Wise

Staying healthy while on vacation is essential, please follow these recommendations prior to and during travelling both domestically and internationally. DO NOT: All water is not good water. Drinking water from the tap is a normal occurrence, however, in certain countries it may put your health at risk. Ensure to drink bottled water to reduce […]

What to do when you have a long layover?

How many of us have experienced a long layover for a flight? Layovers can be as short at 30 minutes or 19 hours or more. Depending upon your budget, you may experience a layover at sometime in your travels. People sometimes seek layovers, however, those who do not can often have a positive experience.  Many […]

What Zone Are You In?

How many people know the phrase, “It’s five o’clock somewhere?” This phrase was often used to provide someone with justification to partake in an alcoholic beverage prior to 5pm, however, now days people tend to have a glass of wine or a beer during lunch. The quote also leads people to believe that where ever […]

How Travel Has Changed Over Time

Today, people typically travel with ease and it is rather inexpensive to purchase a ticket. Depending upon your destination you most likely will arrive in less than 24 hours. There are several modes of transportation available either by plane, ship, train, or automobile. The destination sometimes dictates how you will arrive, however, travelling by plane […]

What Travel Website Do You Use?

Ketour Travel is proud to announce the travel website ( is live and ready for those of you seeking to secure discount travel plans. The site will be accessible through the main site ( by 8pm (PST) and may entered through the Travel Discounts link at the top of the main page.  Ketour’s travel website […]

Airport Do’s and Don’ts

Travelling domestically and internationally can be stressful, however, be sure to prepare prior to your departure. There are many resources available to consumers, so please utilize all the tools available at your disposal. I will share with you some of the tips and tricks that I am privy to reduce your anxiety prior to and […]