Travel Updates During the Pandemic

Costa Rican airport

Much of the world has been impacted by the pandemic in some form. The travel industry has been heavily impacted by people unable or fearful to utilize forms of mass transportation, such as a train, plane, or cruise ship. Airlines are trying to make travel as safe as possible, such as Delta requiring face masks […]

Are Airline Amenities Gone Forever?

Everyday millions of people travel to destinations all over the world. Prior to stepping foot on the plane, many prepare for their journey by packing their bag(s), securing transport to the airport, and ensuring they have all the required documents for passage onto the plane and in some cases into the country of destination. In […]

Where is the best place to sit on the plane?

Most people would say the best place to sit on the plane is first class. First class may vary based upon the airline you travel on. Emirates is on the 2019 list of the World’s Best Airlines. Let’s explore the differences in amenities of Delta Airlines and Emirates Airlines premium seating. Delta has a total […]