Where is the best place to sit on the plane?

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Most people would say the best place to sit on the plane is first class. First class may vary based upon the airline you travel on. Emirates is on the 2019 list of the World’s Best Airlines. Let’s explore the differences in amenities of Delta Airlines and Emirates Airlines premium seating.

Delta has a total of 6 classes, which three of those being in the premium section of the plane. The classes include: Delta One, Delta Premium Select, and First Class.  The Delta experience begins with airport club access which features complimentary foods and drinks prior to boarding your flight. Sky Priority check-in allows for priority boarding onto your flight.

Delta One is the ideal experience on those long international flights allowing for relaxing in a 180-degree flat-bed seat to dine, work, or sleep. As a Delta One customer you will enjoy feasting on gourmet meals, viewing in-flight movies or television on an extra wide tv screen. A Delta One suite allows you to experience all the comforts of Delta One with the addition of privacy. Delta Premium Select offers adjustable elevated footrest and leg rest, wider seat and increased pitch. First Class boasts plenty or legroom, meals with real plates and silverware, and complimentary earbuds on select flights.

Emirates has 3 classes with first class providing that luxurious experience. First Class allows you to have privacy by closing the floor to ceiling doors, set the mood with your personal lighting and temperature controller. Recline your seat while watching tv or enjoy the views outside your window. Enjoy the complimentary round-trip chauffeur service to and from the airport. Enjoy the first-class lounge benefits that include: wi-fi, cigar bar, quiet area, wine, and direct boarding.

Not everyone is blessed to experience first-class, many passengers must travel in coach determine the best place to sit in coach. Coach seating is not a comfortable as first class, however, there are some areas that provide additional comfort. One such area is the bulkhead section of the plane offering extra legroom. Another section with additional space is the emergency exit row, which has passenger criteria to sit in this row. Most exit row seats provide a few more inches of seat pitch compared to non-exit row seats so that passengers have more space to access the exit. Seats one row in front of an exit row usually are not able to recline, which can limit their comfort on longer flights.

As you can see first class on a plane is luxurious and has a lot of amenities, however, that luxury comes with a price.

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    1. I understand your position of getting to your destination, however, sitting near the restroom on a long flight can be challenging. Throughout the flight the restroom can acquire a foul smell and will require the attention a flight attendant.

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